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im a German with bad English :-)


I have a Problem during the Installation. Please look at the Picture.

What can i do? "Sage Mode" of the Provider in "on" and i can`t change it.

Is it possible to make an Installation and how?
















I had try to change the gpconfig.php like this:

 * gp_safe_mode
 * Set to true to turn safe mode on. This will prevent addons from being used.
 * Defaults to the value set for gpdebug



But nothing happens!


LG Steffen


8 years ago#5741

Josh S.
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Hi Steffen

There are actually two types of safe_mode. There's the php safe_mode and gpEasy's safe_mode. If you click on "Safe Mode" link on the installation page, it will take you to information about php's safe mode. It has to be Off in order for gpEasy to work. The only way to turn it off is to change it in php.ini or httpd.conf.

As for gpEasy's safe_mode. Leave it off as well if you wan't gpEasy to work normally.

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Thank You Josh,


for your Answer. My Provider can only Change the Safe Mode for a higher Upgrade to Pay.


I will try to install it on a Xammp World an then to put all the Files of the Server.

But thanks! and have a  nice Day!


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Installing gpEasy on a development server (such as XAMPP or any other meeting gpEasy's installation requirements) and moving the site to the live host (with PHP Safe Mode=ON) afterwards will sometimes work, with limitations though.

I have managed to make some setups run this way in the past.
You likely lose some features like subsequent installation of plugins/themes and maybe some others too.

I have always wondered if it was possible to make some FTP fallback to circumvent Safe Mode restricitons but I cannot code such stuff.
(If there was a convenient way I guess Josh would have implemented it yet)

Since Safe Mode is deprecated in PHP 5.3 and removed in 5.4 this will hopefully belong to the past soon.

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Hello juergen and josh,


yes the way over an Installation in an Xammp Sever is possible. After that i had copy all files to the Provider - an it works. In this Time the only Problems i found - the integrated Way to download Plugins and Themes.

And i´ll  be hopeful to the next PHP Version :-)

Thanks and have a nice Day!


8 years ago#5785

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