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Hi Josh,


another issue just came up, while trying to log-in (after a log-out) to the newly installed 4.0 RC1 installation. Javascript is definetly enabled, cache was fully cleared as well.

"Javascript is required to access site administration.

It appears that you are using an incompatible browser. Make sure you're using a modern browser like Mozilla FireFox or Google Chrome and have javascript enabled."


Browser: Firefox, v. 20.0.1 (the same happens with the Internet Explorer, also new version and Javascript activated!)


Error message is as in this issue posts:



Tried to log the process with the Firefox Web Console (originally it was in German, I translated it to english for you):

[14:57:04.685] GET [HTTP/1.1 200 OK 250ms]

[14:57:05.065] GET [HTTP/1.1 200 OK 1047ms]

[14:57:05.067] GET [HTTP/1.1 200 OK 1203ms]

[14:57:06.087] Mistake while trying to work on the value for'background-image'.  Declaration ignored. @

[14:57:06.087] Mistake while trying to work on the value for'filter'.  Declaration ignored. @

[14:57:06.087] Unknown Property'-moz-box-shadow'.  Declaration ignored. @

[14:57:06.088] Unknown pseudo class or pseudo element '-ms-input-placeholder'.  Regelsatz wegen ung├╝ltigem Selektor ignoriert. @

[14:57:06.088] Unknown pseudo class or pseudo element '-webkit-input-placeholder'.  Regelsatz wegen ung├╝ltigem Selektor ignoriert. @

[14:57:06.088] Declaraction expected, but'*' gefunden.  Bypassed until the nect declaration @

[14:57:06.088] End oft he property expected, but found '\9 ' .  Mistake while trying to work on the value for'background-color'.  Declaration ignored. @

[14:57:06.088] Unknown Property'-moz-border-radius'.  Declaration ignored. @

[14:57:06.089] Unknown Property'-moz-border-radius-bottomleft'.  Declaration ignored. @

[14:57:06.089] Unknown Property'-moz-border-radius-topleft'.  Declaration ignored. @

[14:57:06.089] Unknown Property'-moz-border-radius-topright'.  Declaration ignored. @

[14:57:06.089] Unknown Property'-moz-border-radius-bottomright'.  Declaration ignored. @

[14:57:06.090] Unknown Property'-moz-background-clip'.  Declaration ignored. @

[14:57:06.092] Unknown Property'zoom'.  Declaration ignored. @

[14:57:06.093] Unknown Property'box-sizing'.  Declaration ignored. @

[14:57:06.093] Unknown Property'-moz-background-size'.  Declaration ignored. @

[14:57:06.360] TypeError: b is not a function @


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Josh S.
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Hmm, were you by chance using a Bootstrap theme? I was able to reproduce this error, but only with one of the Bootstrap themes. If so, I have the fix.
7 years ago#5828

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Hi Josh,


no, just wanted to try one of the Bootstrep-Themes, wanted to log-in (brown standard theme), but had no chance so far to log-in. Not that kind of a big deal, as it is just for testing purposes. Nevertheless, currently due to this, having no access to the admin. section.

If you let me know, what to test (maybe running a specific php-log-file you are providing?), I am more than happy to do so! But please, with some explanation for me, being kind of a noobie when it comes to coding, etc. ;-)



//edit; Replaces includes and themes folder from a fresh github-fork and somehow now it is working..... so, thanks for the fix, even if it was not intented for the theme I was using :) Now testing the bootstrap themes!!


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Josh S.
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That's good news!
7 years ago#5830

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