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Is planned the multi language website feature? if yes, in what release? ty

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Josh S.
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Hi Ty,

A multi-language feature is not planned for gpEasy any time soon but I don't think it would be too hard to set up a multi-language with gpEasy. My approach would just involve creating a couple of sites (one for each language) with splash page for selecting the correct language. For Example: would show a page linking to the different could be the location of an English version could be the location of a French version

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how did you plan to manage the multi-languages ?

  1. PHP array,
  2. Gettext method and .po files ?

I'm not sure about it, but a easy way could be to create sub-folders in data/_pages/ for each language like data/_pages/fr/. The 

data/_pages/ root being used for the primary language, then adding a layer/folder for each new language. Then with a parameter in the URL you can modify the path to fetch the pages, like:

  • -> data/_pages/
  • -> data/_pages/fr/

Do you need some help ?

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If you figure out how to parse everything under PAGES, let me know! It would solve another problem I have where I want subdirectories under that area, but don't have full skillset to modify rest of installation to do it!


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there's another way to get a multi language site.

Use two menu blocks ... top menu with only one level as image menu (for the flags) and a separate menu block with submenu and subsubmenu with a page structure like this

1. EN

1.1 Home

1.2 ...

2. DE

2.1 Start

2.2 ...

3. FR


I know it's not a real multilang support but better than nothing ... just my two cents.  

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pls. would u explain me how do u mean the multi language solution? JOSH S.

pls help me... it s important for me!



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