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My first post here.

I want to test GPEasy, so downloaded it and uploaded the files to a server (webhost).

Uploaded to the public_html folder. All files are there, in folder 'GPEasy'.

When I click the 'index.php' a browser page opens saying:

Error: PHP is not running

But php (5.2.17)is installed and ticked 'ON'

I have no idea what to try next..

Thanks for any ideas!



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Create a text file containing the line below. Save it with a .php extension. Copy it to the server and access it via a web browser. It should give you plenty of information about your hosting environment.

<?php phpinfo() ?>

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Josh S.
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It's hard to say why php isn't working.

Do you have a hosted server? You could check with your hosting provider.

Otherwise, if you installed php and the server yourself, I'd start with making sure your server recognizes the .php extension.

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Hello, googled for the error message and so maybe this proposed solution (Flush DNS cache) can fix it?

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Thanks all for your help!

It is solved. The error warning wasn't correct.

I'm using a new web host just for comparing some cms's. Had only logged in a couple of times. Each time I had to ask for a new random password. Fed up with this, I changed the password in the admin panel and voila, gpEasy is up and running.

First impression: very nice!

Title of my site: 




It's tempting to also download the release candidate...maybe better wait till I'm less of a noob.

Thanks again!


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