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there is an Simple way to redirect from a page to another without the use of Plugins:

<script type="text/javascript">
<p> You should be redirected to the page "YOUR_PAGE", as this does not happen please click <a href="/YOUR_PAGE">HERE</a>. </p>

Just place the code in the page you want to redirect from (open the page for edit and got to "Source" in the Editor) and replace the "YOUR_PAGE" with the name of the page you would to redirect to.

Note: The Javascript part will not be displayed at the saved page and you have to go throuth the File Manager to edit the Page Again.

This is meant for Admins who are not very firm with coding, javascript and so on :-)

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Charles S
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That's a handy script for when you kill a page. Might be good to add to the documentation somewhere.


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