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The style of the theme is incorrect for the footer.

After a dding a few extra lines to the footer of my page, you can see that what should be the bottom of the footer has gone way below the border.


Can anyone help please?





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The #footer's height is hardcoded to 120px in .css. When you remove it, the footer stretches to the bottom as needed. But then it would need to define some background color to fill empty space for the image, like #footer { background-color: #eee; }  or some background gradient color. But how to set it correctly, that's a question.
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Thank you for this first reply. Let's wait and see what others have to say. :-)
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Found the solution:

1/ delete the 120px property

2/ just after the 120x, you have "bottom no repeat" for the background (an image). Changed it to "bottom repeat".

No sure sure who can update the theme with the corrections for other people.

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No sure sure who can update the theme with the corrections for other people.

Each theme and addon has its own mini forum. Just go to the theme page and click Support. Posting in that forum should notify the theme creator, assuming his address has not changed and he is still actively involved in gpEasy. In this case, the theme was last updated 2 years ago.

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