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I want to implement an area on my homepage which is only visible for registered members. Is this possible with gpEasy?


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Yes, I did it. I made a MembersArea folder within my main folder and totally reinstalled gpeasy again in there then used an htaccess file to password protect it. Works great so far. I believe there is a multi-site plugin but I don't know if you can password protect it??

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Please show your htaccess file and describe procedure how your make protection

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This is it --

#<Location /members-area/*> AuthName "Members Area" AuthType basic AuthUserFile /home/your_id/foldername/.htpasswd Require valid-user #</Location>


Search for htacess folder protection to make the .htpasswd file. It's easy. Actually go here, it's pretty good!

PS, the above htaccess file was reformatted so it looks confusing. Go to that link and you'll see how it should look.

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Please no multiple posts ans see my answer here

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