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Hi, few days ago I downloaded last version of GPEasy from GitHub. I decided to add my own add on, i've made rough syntax error, and it have crushed GPEasy. So I think maybe it worth to make it uncrushable in any cases, so no one unskilled developer could shout it down?
It's vidoe of my case. Nothing special in code:

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Hello, thanks for the video. In these cases where I encounter such an error while testing, usually put all the source code in a reported problematic script into a comment brackets:  /**/ Usually it helps to make admin screen appear again. Not sure if this can be enough in all cases though. I doubt whether some 100% errorsproof system somewhere exist? ;-)

And a bit out of topic: tried to install the Random Quotes plugin and the "Import" link is missing on admin screen. It obviously needs some update.

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Yeah, i now that it's totally error full, I only started to write it. I mean that it could be great to make GPEasy plugins more separated from being able shut down site.
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Josh S.
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I agree 100%.

I actually think we've made a lot of progress towards this end. When the fatal error first occurs (20 seconds into the video) gpEasy does "catch" it, displays details about the error and stores information about the fatal error. By storing details about the fatal error, gpEasy can actually disable the component that is causing the error with the intention of keeping the rest of the site intact and functioning. Unfortunately, as the blank screen shows, the site is not intact but rather becomes unusable (until the fatal error is fixed)... so, along with straightening out the servers hosting, this is a top priority!

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