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I wounder how to add service like Google Analytics? I can see only one way - it's add to template. but then even admin pages will be visible to google. any suggestions how todo it right way  - add Google Analytics only to public pages with content?

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Yeah, gpEasy is really easy to use ... add only the given Google Analytics script to template.php and that's all (no more installation or something else).

If you dont want to analyze the admin access ;) you can use the gpeasy cookie as switch. This cookie is only set if an admin or someone else is logged in.

You can check it inside your template.php with

if (!isset($_COOKIE['gpEasy']))

Sorry, there's currently no real view mode for source code here in forum :-/ ... please ask if you need more to know.

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if you cant add google analitics without having sex with gpEasy code I cant call that easy to use. I wrote before there no sitemap.xml and other problems. even in meta tags gpEasy keep push his own name. all that make your site away from google. dont use gpEasy if you hope ever enter google index.

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