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Hello, sorry my english, I am Brazilian, I would like to congratulate the great work with gpEasy.

I have some suggestions.

Some version could have a mySQL database. "Facilitate back-up. "

The homepage, should be treated separately from the rest of the other pages, with a customization of sidebars and content.

I'm not a programmer, I design, I would like to be able to help in something, who knows on the translation into Portuguese.

A site with which developments took gpEasy,

Thank you, hug.

"Olá, desculpe meu ingles, sou brasileiro, gostaria de dar os parabens pelo ótimo trabalho com o gpEasy. Tenho algumas sugestões. Poderia alguma versão ter um banco de dados mySQL. Facilitaria o back-up. A pagina inicial, deveria ser tratada separada do restante das outras paginas, com uma personalização das sidebars e conteudo. Não sou programador, sou design, mais gostaria de poder ajudar em alguma coisa, quem sabe na tradução para o portugues. Um site que desevolvi com gpEasy, Obrigado, abraço."

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Charles S
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I agree with your idea about the "home" page. It does need to be treated special. It should always go to the root install. I've made a couple posts and suggestions about that. Right now the only way to deal with it is via a rewrite rule and that will cause a problem with "preview" in CKEditor.

The database thing. . . not so sure about myself. I think part of what makes gpEasy great is the lack of a database. Backup is simply copying the 'data' folder, as is moving the site. I do think a one click "backup" feature that simply zips the 'data' folder up and either leaves it on the server or brings up a download window would be great. I'm sure though, that some would like a database feature especially for larger sites. . . 

BTW. . . nice looking site.

10 years ago#593

Another function that could be implemented is an XML sitemap generator. That will help in SEO techniques.


"Outra função que poderia ser implementada é um gerador de sitemap em XML. Que vai ajudar nas técnicas de SEO."

10 years ago#597

I'm friends with one question, how do I remove the sidebars of pages inside the site, leaving only the beginning.


"Amigos estou com uma duvida, como eu removo os sidebars das paginas internas do site, deixando somente no inicio."

10 years ago#598

Another doubt, in the contact form I am not getting email from those who write the message. Is showing the website address in place of the sender. How do I fix this problem? As I said so, I am a designer, not programmer. Thank you.


"Outra duvida, no formulário de contato não estou recebendo o email de quem escreve a mensagem. Está aparecendo o endereço do site no lugar do remetente. Como corrijo este problema? Como disse assima, sou designer, não programador. Obrigado."

10 years ago#600

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