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Hi Josh,


I just encountered a small bug within the page manager, while creating a website. If the page URL contains the character '&', you cannot rename/ edit the details of the page anymore.

To help you understand how to reproduce the bug, kindly do the following:


1) Go to your page/ site manager

2) Create a page named 'Parties & Drinks'

3) Log-out of gpEasy and again log-in

4) Try to rename the created page in the page/ site manager to e.g. 'Parties and Drinks'. No chance to rename the page in the site/ page manager.


Would be great, if you would have fix for that. Had that on another webserver as well and thought, that maybe the server configuration was the problem... but it seems, the bug is within gpEasy. Any chance for a fix or can you let me know, how I can otherwise rename the page URL?


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You should be able to rename your page via FTP. Look in data/_pages for the files. Look in data/_site/pages.php for the index. If you remove the ampersand in both places, it *should* work.

That's not a fix, but it should get you back on track until Josh updates gpEasy. 

6 years ago#6494

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Greatm thanks Eric! Will check that out :-)
6 years ago#6496

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Josh, any chance to implement a fix in the upcoming gpEasy version for the above mentioned bug?


Thanks in advance!

6 years ago#6554

Josh S.
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Yes, I just pushed the fix to github.

Thanks for reminding me!

6 years ago#6555

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