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testing a2 and installed into a subdirectory in which gpEasy is installed in the root, on a localhost install. Once logged into the subdirectory account all links redirect back to the root though they show the correct link path, thus unable to test in subdirectory on localhost. . . at least when gpEasy is in the root as I haven't tried with anything else. Update: found the problem. . . sort of. See below.

Other problems. . . and thoughts:

Permalink structure to remove index.php does not work, at least for localhost install. Says it's saved but then once you click on another link index.php is back and when you go to permalink page the include index.php is checked. Checked the index.php file and it isn't changed. Change it but that just causes problems--all pages other than the home page get an error, unable to find. Update: found the problem. . . sort of. See below.

Setting theme for pages with children: When setting the theme for a higher level page that has children all children are set to that same theme; however, you are not able to set the child back to the default theme--it's "default" seems to be the parent theme now. You can change it to other themes but not the site "default" theme.  The only way to do that is to add the "default" theme a second time to the layouts, which is fine if this is the intended nature, but will definitely need a little documentation on that. I would also suggest a check box option to include sub pages/child pages  or not vs no option. 

Plus there is no direct link to the "layouts" (Content Arrangement) page under any admin menus until you use it and it becomes a frequently used item. You can only get to it indirectly. Feels a little confusing without having a direct link in one of the admin menus for it.

Rename/Details: Nice to have full control over all the meta data. . .THANKS!!! Looks very good. Also like the way you have hidden it slightly so it isn't directly under the edit page so novices won't be tempted. 

Edit layouts: Something very interesting is going on here. You can add a theme multiple times and edit the layout for each entry of that theme, but you must edit it via the "layouts" (Content Arrangement) page and click "edit" for that theme. However, if you just edit the layout via "title option"->"edit layout" when in edit view it will affect the other themes that are the same theme--I know that sounded really confusing.  In other words, I have the same theme (with the same color) lauded 3 times--two as extra themes and once as the default, and each one has a different layout, but only because I edited it via the layouts page (content arrangement). Otherwise the changes made to one page would have affected the others. I know. . . it's strange but you have to try it to see. :)

Update: If you have any of the issues I had with a localhost install you may need to delete your localhost cookie and edit the generated .htaccess file. For some reason gpEasy 1.7a2 generated an htaccess files with two sets of gpEasy mod_rewrite rules.  After that modification and editing index.php everything works great.

Josh apparently left some mod rewrite rules in the htaccess file included in the download. To make sure the mod rewrites work properly delete the rules in the htaccess file included before you enable permalinks via the admin menu--gpEasy now generates the rules and adds them to the htaccess file. Also, make sure and edit the index.php file and enable     define('gp_indexphp',false);

After that all should be working.

All in all 1.7 is looking like a great upgrade!

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