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Hi, I got some problem with the multi site plugin. My gpEasy install is as follow :


I create another site here:


I use the following apache vhost:'ve the following .htacces file:

  1. When I to the (local host) I got the content of ./fr/index.html instead of the index.php.
  2. When I explicitly open, I got nothing.
  3. When I went to check the ./fr/index.php file, here is what I got: Note that there is NO closing tag. Is this normal ?
  4. When I copy my root index.php into ./fr/index.php :
    <?php define('gpdebug',true); // define('gp_indexphp',true); define('gp_indexphp',false); define('gp_indexphp_root','/'); require_once('include/main.php'); ?>
    I got some errors related to the path:

Do you have any solutions or hint ?

12 years ago#608

As the warning stated, it was related to an open_basedir restriction. After checking the php.ini it was disable so I look for it in gpEasy and found that it's enable in include/common.php:225 SetGlobalPaths() function:

     if( $dataDir !== $rootDir ){         ini_set('open_basedir',$dataDir);     }

From what I understand it will lock you inside a subfolder/multiple site, which is in contradiction with the multiple site plugins. So what I did was to only enable the restrictions if the $dataDir is not under the root install folder, using preg_match().

    if (preg_match("!$rootDir!", $dataDir, $matches)==0){         ini_set('open_basedir',$dataDir);     }

I'm not sure this is viable for every configuration, but I think it is when you want to use multiple site for multi language website.

12 years ago#621

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