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Hi, new gp|easy user here. :)

After playing around with the 4.3 Beta 1 for a couple of days, I started to set up a reference installation using nginx and php5-fpm on a hardened Debian Wheezy, and I like it so far. Everything seems to work smoothly, and it's really really fast.


The gpfinder component gives me long delays though, about 10-15 seconds for each click while I see the "open folder" animation and nothing happens.

I just set up a site on to test, and it shows the same behaviour - about 10-15 seconds delay when using the gpfinder component there.


Is this a (known?) server-side problem? (Couldn't find anything related in this forum, nor by googling)

Or Is this a problem on my end, maybe a browser problem?
Tried Firefox on Linux and Windows so far - no change.

Oh and I'm behind a (Squid) proxy, if that helps.




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Josh S.
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Interesting. I was unaware there were delays in the finder... though I probably should have. Looks like some code used for testing was still in there. It's all fixed now with 4.3 Beta 2.

Thanks for reporting the problem!

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Updated my installation and now the finder flies as well - nice!

Thank you for the quick repair! :)

7 years ago#6620

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