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I have a very strange problem, I have just done a fresh install of 4.3, installation was fine, however when I go to edit the Home page I get an error 'There was an error processing the last request. Please reload this page to continue.'

The following options work without error

  • Edit the default Contact page
  • Create and edit additional pages
  • If i move the Home page to a lower position in the main Menu I can edit it

I have tried deleting the Home page and creating a new one, even with a different name, but I still get the same error for whichever page is in position 1 of the main menu with exception to the default contact page.

The work around at the moment is for me to move the home page to position 2 in the main menu, carry out the edits and then move it back to position 1.


Hope you can help


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Josh S.
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Hi Pete,

I have a pretty good idea what the problem is, the .htaccess contents were most likely created incorrectly. I'll have a fixed release out soon, I have this temporary package put together but it sounds like there's one more but I need to fix.

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Thanks Josh, that's working perfectly now :-)
7 years ago#6844

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