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Using Simple Blog Plugin with AntiSpamSFS 1.3
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I installed the AntiSpamSFS 1.3 Plugin, configured it at "Edit Config". There i had have create a new Form for the Blog Article Add Comments.  Am I now have protected the Blog Artikel Add Comments? Have i had do it right? I am unsure!

That is what i have had selected and typed in in Home>Administrator>Manage Forms:

At General:

Name :             Blog

Published:      yes

Description:  Against Blog Spamming

Hook:              AntiSpam_Check

At Control:

Pagetitel:         Blog (special_blog)

At Criteria:

Use Email:       yes

Email Alias:     nl_email

Username:      No (by the Way, in the Configuration Sektion i have had selected Names : No Email: yes IP: yes)

Username Alias: i leave it blank


many Thanks





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Hi Peter,

Looks like the General part of the form is ok.

In the Control part, the cmd property is needed, it should be set to Add Comment.

In the Criteria part, the email is not needed (there is no email field in the comment form) and the Use Username and Username properties can be set to Yes and name respectively.

Hope this helps. 

PS: There is a screenshot in the plugin page that shows how to fill the form for SimpleBlog:


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Hello fly06,

first thank you very much for your fast reply. And the tip with the Screenshot. Yes, this was very helpful for me.



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