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I try the first time to install gpeasy to a webserver. Installing at my computer works fine but not on the server. There is always written: "Could not save pages.php" At the first step of installation there was every written status in green, so there should be no problem with php or so.
What can I do?

Thanks for helping!


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Josh S.
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The "Could not save pages.php" message is an indication that php was unable to write or create directories in your /data folder. The installation script tries to determine if your /data folder is writable, but it doesn't appear to be working for your server. To get the installer to work, make the /data folder writable.
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Hey Josh,

thanks for your answer. I was thinking the same but all my folders and subfolders have the 777 status. So this should be not the reason. I just checked this again.
Now I installed it to an other server and there it works. So it seems to be a problem of the server. If anybody has an idea, what i can do (except contacting the server admin), please let me know.

Many Thanks!

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Is it a Windows server? If so, look into Windows permissions, which are different than chmod.
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