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Hey people :) 

Pretty simple, but can't figure it out. 
I want my slider to only appear on the index page. How do i do  that?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi morten0908,

by default the NivoSlider Gadget will render where your Theme has it's "GetAllGadgets()" output (that's mostly located in a sidebar or footer area).
If you want the slider to show only on your index page there are two possibilities.

For both versions you will first have to remove the NivoSlider Gadget from the GetAllGadgets area by editing your Layout:
In the black Admin Toolbar/Menu go to Appearance-->Edit This Layout. Find the "NivoSlider" Gadget representation (one of the grey boxes) and click "Remove".

Version 1, simple - Place the gadget within your page content:
Navigate to the index page, rightclick/hover over a Section in the content and choose "New Section" - in the following box select "File Include", press [Save].
Hover/rightclick the new section labeled "File Include" and click "Edit". Then click the field labeled "Gadgets" and select "NivoSlider". [Save and Close]. Done.

Version 2, use dedicated Layout areas: Outside the regular content the Nivo Slider Gadget has to be inserted into a different area of your Theme/Layout. Depending on the Theme there may be already some areas suitable for that purpose. If not, you will have to create one by editing your [Server Root]/themes/[Theme Name]/template.php and insert one by putting <?php gpOutput::Get('Extra','NivoSlider'); ?> where you want the Slider to render. After that you will find a new area representation when editing the Layout via the Admin Toolbar/Menu. Insert the NivoSlider Gadget there. If you want to show the slider only on one page you will have to copy your Layout first and assign it only to this specific page. Add the Nivo Slider Gadget by editing the Layout of this page afterwards.

Unfortunately there is no detailed documentation for gpEasy's Theme/Layout workflow I could refer to. If you are unfamiliar with that get back here or to the regular forum for further help.



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Thatnks :) 
got it, it worked. 
6 years ago#7053

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