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I have an GetImage() that isn't working. When I click on the image to change moldal pops up, but is not accessible because it is behind the "white screen" and so I cant click on any of the options... any suggestions?

<?php gpOutput::GetImage( 'img/place.png' , array('') ); ?>

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It would be helpful to know how. Mine works fine like this:

		gpOutput::GetImage('/images/Carousel/121.jpg', array() );
        gpOutput::GetImage('/images/Carousel/196.jpg', array() );
		gpOutput::GetImage('/images/Carousel/198.jpg', array() );
		gpOutput::GetImage('/images/Carousel/278.jpg', array() );
		gpOutput::GetImage('/images/Carousel/346.jpg', array() );
		gpOutput::GetImage('/images/Carousel/384.jpg', array() );
		gpOutput::GetImage('/images/Carousel/486.jpg', array() );
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