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I just started to use gpEasy and I'm liking it a lot.

I've been looking into the source code and I'm trying to include a option to regenerate/generate the thumbnails of a gallery page.

My idea is to upload photos zipped and than generate the thumbs, I think this would be faster when having a lot of images, BTW does galleries have pagination?

I found the method MenuSkeleton but I need some directions on the proper way to do that. Can somebody help me?

Thanks and congratulations for the good job.

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Josh S.
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BTW does galleries have pagination?

Galleries do not have pagination, not a bad idea though.

For generating thumbnails, use this function:


$original is the file path to the full size image

7 years ago#7100

Thanks Josh.

I changed my mind, since I can upload several images at once I see no point in send it zipped.

I think the upload system you did is very good and fast, so what I did was change the filename of uploaded images to use the file hash, this way I can prevent duplicated images even with other name. 

Regard the pagination I will do it later and let you know.

7 years ago#7105

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