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gpEasy looks really nice! 

Now: If I have "ready-to-use" bootstrap template, includin a folder full of .less files... (or .css files...) how should I deploy that into gpEasy to make gpEasy template?
What would be the steps? (My background is Joomla 1-3 / Bootstrap 2-3, and I'm heavily into Bootstrap but... with Joomla it goes TOO heavy!)




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I suppose there are several methods to do this. Here is one:

As you probably know Bootstrap and Bootswatch are already included in gpEasy.
You will find these themes in the theme directory.

What works for me is to adjust one of these basic themes to the one I made myself. (Actually I copy the theme  in order to keep the original included theme in case I screw up.  Do not forget to edit the addon.ini if you choose to do this method)

Secondly I adjust the template.php with the necessary markup and also the style (less and css) documents for the looks.
Because the different styling settings are devided over the several files you will need to adjust more of them but they are all there. The Bootswatch themes that are included work with Bootstrap 3.0 which is a bit different in some aspects (grid etc). 

Maybe you already know this but these links are a very helpful source:



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