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Another doubt, in the contact form I am not getting email from those who write the message. Is showing the website address in place of the sender.How do I fix this problem? As I said so, I am a designer, not programmer.Thank you.


"Outra duvida, no formulário de contato não estou recebendo o email de quem escreve a mensagem. Está aparecendo o endereço do site no lugar do remetente. Como corrijo este problema? Como disse assima, sou designer, não programador. Obrigado."

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Charles S
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I just uploaded and tried 1.7a2 on my server.

The from address is "automated" however the reply to address has the email of the person sending it along with the name field, or rather the email put into the field.

This is appropriate, I believe, because it is an automated email sent from your site and you have a valid reply to email for the person actually sending it, thus you know it came from your site's contact form and who the person's email is.

Note: I've removed the @  and domain in the email example below


from Automated Sender <AutomatedSender[...]>

sender-time   Sent at 8:17 AM

reply-to   The Form Name Field Here <senderemail[...]

to    youremail[..]

date    Fri, July 30, 2010 at 8:17 AM

subject     The Forms Subject Field




This is the actual email text. . .message



If this isn't what you are getting you may want to see what cybermax had to say about the server being an issue a couple posts back, but if this is it then you simply need to show the header info in your email to see the fields filled out on the contact form.

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Thank you, Friend would like to add some more fields to  contact form, fields such as phone and address.  What files should I edit and what should I add to get  these new fields in the message body.

Sorry my english, is that I use google translate.


Muito Obrigado, Amigo gostaria de adicionar mais alguns campos ao 
formulário de contato, campos como telefone e endereço.
Quais arquivos devo editar e o que devo adicionar para receber 
estes novos campos no corpo da mensagem.
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Charles S
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sorry for not getting an answer to you sooner.

The contact form file is in /include/special/special_contact.php

as far as what you need to add/change. . . I'm not that savvy on php.

Other options are to find a tutorial on the web that someone has on how to create custom contact forms. . . I also believe google docs has some form things you can embed on a page. . .

Sorry, that's the best I have.

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