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I'm looking for a way to get the following working in my current project (FullCalendar for gpEasy):

The FullCalendar will be a new Section Type containing solely the default content ...

'<div class="fullcalendar" data-config="'
. $fullCalendarDefaultConfig_JSON .

$fullCalendarDefaultConfig_JSON will store the calendar's options which will be applied when the calendar instance in this section is invoked (using FullCalendar jQuery Plugin)

When editing this section I'd like to trigger a modal admin box ($gp.AdminBoxC ?) that sports a codemirror instance to edit the calendar configuration.
I have trouble figuring out how to achieve this in my FullCalendar::InlineEdit_Scripts function.

Furthermore can I use common::LoadComponents('codemirror'); and if so, which Hook should I use?

A faux screenshot of the favored interface:

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Juergen

I am not sure to understand your question(s).

What do you mean by triggering an Admin Box in INline Editing ?

Btw, opening a dynamic content (a form for instance) inside an admin box (a gpeasy modal window) is quite easy it is just a question of adding the proper attributes to links and submit buttons.

The include/special/special_search.php file is a good example to get started.

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Thanks for the hint Frédéric!

The whole inline editing stuff is sort of new to me and I'm trying to get the concept of all the AJAX, section.object and bulit-in tools.
Actually, for my current FullCalendar plugin I have abandoned the idea of editing JSON in a codemirror instance. But I got it working and it will likely come in handy sometimes.

FYI: gpEasy'S included codemirror cannot be loaded using common::LoadComponents()but there will be no conflicts since gpEasy only uses codemirror for writing CSS/LESS in the layout editor. Therefore a custom, independent version can be loaded safely from a plugin.
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FullCalendar for gpEasy is ready:

(and Codemirror loaded in a gpAdminBox is back in for Advanced Config ;-)

6 years ago#7326

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