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Hello, first, I must say that I really like this fine flat CMS ;-)

I know this has been discussed befor and someone created simpleBlog1 where it is possible to edit the Post Date,

but as this is based on the previous version of simple blog,

I wonder if someone is able to give a little code for the

SimpleBlogCommon.php  that makes the post-date updating automatically when editing active post or draft.
If I edit a post, I simply want it to be displayed (Order) at the top, naturally.

I even cannot COPY an existing post to make this one get the current Date.

You know I'm using this addon as a News/Date list.

Thanks a lot in Advance folks

Claudy Dark


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Add this line :

$posts[$post_index]['time'] = time();

just after this one:

$posts[$post_index]['content'] = $content;

in the SaveInline() and SaveEdit() methods of the SimpleBlogCommon class.

Should do the trick.

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