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That's already an older bug but maybe easy to fix:

When I create a subdirecory such as /images/subdir1 in gpFinder and return do gpFinder later, it will remember this location and everything is fine.
When I create another subfolder here like /images/subfolder1/subfolder2 gpFinder tries to do the same but won't succeed: The tree view on the left is collapsed and when I upload an image here (which will work) and doubleclick it afterwards to insert it into the content, gpFinder will pass a wrong path to CKEditor.
It should be "/data/_uploaded/images/subdir1/subdir2/myImg.jpg" but will be sent as "/data/_uploaded/myImg.jpg" thus causing a broken source.
The solution is to expand the tree and navigate to the subfolder before sending a file to CKE. People have to remember this fact, but not always will.

/edit: this has probably do with treeDeep Connector Option -->

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Josh S.
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Just fixed it
5 years ago#7398

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