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Hello josh,

I just felt the wish to write some lines. (No bugreport. No feature request. Just thanks.)

It is sooo great to see you back. I thought gpeasy was kinda dead... I was very sad, because it helped me creating a lot of nice pages in minutes (!)  for people who are no computer experts - well, in fact they really hate working with computers.

But with gpeasy: They loved to edit their pages! I never had any user issues. Thank you for this superb project!
I tested joomla, wordpress, drupal, cmsms, wolfcms, typo3, contao... Sure, great projects. But for Newbies and small projects much too big. gpeasy is really user friendly (drag and drop!) and so easy too learn! What a shame it still isnt noted as much as it should be...

I love to see it proceed!

Thank you for spending your valuable free time creating this wonderful opensource project! I really appreciate it and know that free time is something very precious to all of us. :-)

Thanks also to all the others helping this project to grow and getting better and better: (Especially juergen)


Keep up the good work!
Live long and prosper!



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Josh S.
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Thanks Ando, it's great to be back!

It really wouldn't be possible without help and Juergen has definitely gone above and beyond!

5 years ago#7552

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