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Good day to all.

I currently installed a theme that nested itself in /data/_themes. The structure seems standard as it should. but if I work on it (by copying to have two versions of it) I always end up with something missing. How do I connect everything correctly to the odd-named css-styles in /data/_cache/combinedxxxxxxxx.css? Think this would make it work. Thank you!

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Ron from Cologne, Germany


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Hi ron,

If you're planning to change or rework a theme I'd recommend to
1) download the theme manually from here.
2) unzip it to the /themes/[theme name] directory
3) edit the Addon.ini and …
   A) comment the line with "Addon_Unique_ID = XXX" out by prefixing it with a semicolon in order to prevent
        possible updates that would overwrite your changes
   B) change the Addon_Name to avoid confusion with the original theme
4) install the theme via Appearance->Available Themes (and make it default, preferably)
5) uncheck both "Combine JS files" and "Combine CSS files" in Settings->Confuration->Performance as long as you edit CSS/LESS and scripts

If you use Firebug or any browser's native Web Developer tools, working on non-combined CSS + JS files is WAY easier.
Once your theme is done and works as expected you can re-enable the combining.

Don't mess with the files in /data/_cache/ directory  -  they are not meant to be edited and will be overwritten upon every LESS-compilation or file combining.


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