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Hi Josh,

Great to see you back working on this amazing bit of software. Thanks.


Is this the correct place to suggest minor improvements?

Anyway, here are a few if you think any are useful:

  • If 'jQuery & jQuery UI' are selected in 'Configuration' in the admin back-end, then it is automatically loaded without having to add some 'loadComopnent' line into the template to get it running.
  • Similarly, add another selection option in 'Configuration' in the admin back-end, to select/load Bootstrap - tick box or dropdown
  • is there a method for outputting JSON from a plugin?


Are they worthy??





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Me again!


Actually, the big one I forgot to mention - as of April 21st with Google now pushing us all to have mobile-friendly websites, can some tweaks be made to make gpEasy sites score as high as possible on Google's analysis tool:

Obviously a lot is down to how the template is constructed and what size / type of images are inserted into site, etc, but there are other changes that could be there from point of initial install of gpEasy.


As a simple example, one thing that could be added to default .htaccess file - leverage browser caching for images, css, js, etc.

Or other things that I got as part of Google's recommendations: Remove render-blocking JavaScript, Optimize CSS Delivery, Minify CSS, Minify HTML, etc...




Thanks again,





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Hello guys,

First, many thanks for GpEasy devel, i like it , very nice !

I think it will be very usefull in next release to have a Theme editor like by example in get simple.

Many thanks again,  hope long life for this cms.

See you.

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