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I'm creating my own theme and have added some pages and subpages. Bij Default themes (like bootswatch) the parent pages are disabled when they contain subpages. I'm trying to do this with my own theme as well, does anyone know how?


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Basically there are two ways:

1) Without JavaScript: Simply use "External Link" for your parent pages' menu entries and put a hash (#) into the Target URL field.

2) With Javascript:

after the <?php gpOutput::GetHead(); ?> line in your template.php add this script:

$('document').ready( function() {
 $('ul.menu_top>li>a.haschildren').click( function(event) {

This is similar to what Bootstrap does. Note: It will prevent you users (with JavaScript on) to access these parent pages by preventing the click event - but search engines will crawl the pages unless you set their robots metatag to "noindex":
Page Manager -> yourParentPage -> Rename/Details -> More Options -> Robots Visibiliy -> [x] noindex

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Hi Juergen,

Thanks, it worked! I used the javascript solution and checked the noindex and no follow boxes for the parent pages.

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