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I realize this is not an Apache support forum, but I thought perhaps someone would have some information. I am trying to install gpEasy on a Debian Jessie server which by default has Apache 2.4.10 and PHP 5.6.7-1. When running PHP as php-fpm the initial installation page indicates no problems. I fill out the required information and proceed with the installation which presents and hangs at a blank page. If I install gpEasy with the standard PHP (non-fpm) install proceeds with no problems. Any thoughts or insight would be appreciated!
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Josh S.
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Hi Greg, a blank page could indicate a couple of things:

  • make sure there's not an index.html file in the root folder (probably not this)
  • there's a fatal error preventing php from generating a page. There should be some information in your error log or you could try debugging with gpEasy
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Nope, no index.html and no php errors. Installed with PHP in standard (Apache mod-php) and then removed standard PHP and installed php-fpm and all is well. I am sure it is a configuration error on my part but this got me over the hurdle. Thanks for the reply!
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