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hi josh

Thanks for your new Beta version.

I'd like something attach constructive criticism.
The image element I like that. But it's not finished thought.
Most of the pictures invite one example with 1000x800px high.

But if the image can not be inserting into a 400x200 frame. There is no possibility to reduce the image di.
e.g. the image should have 100% of the width and are centered in height.

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Hello Josh
I do not know if you understand what I want there.

For responsive images you need the possibility that the image is fitting.
Now, the image fix cut and at larger masses can not be enlarged to 480px an image with 200px.

but why you need information two sizes

1.A size for the frame
2. size of the image size

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Josh S.
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I do understand, it's a tricky situation though since image resizing depends on user/theme CSS.
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Hello Josh

With the new plugin Responsive Image. Has done this. Possibly do you enable integrated as standard in gpEasy.

5 years ago#7727

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