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I set up a website using Bootswatch Flatly as the theme.  When I started adding real content, in Slovak, I noticed immediately a problem.  Bootswatch Flatly uses the web-font "Lato" for the font.  "Lato" was developed by a Pole, who clearly wasn't concerned about supporting his brother-slavs to the south of Poland, so while "Lato" not only has normal Latin characters but also those funny looking Polish ones (e.g. Ł) but not any of the funny letters used in Slovak and Czech (e.g. Š, Č, Ť, Ň, Ô, etc.).

So the solution is to change the default font setting, and in case anyone else wonders how to do this:

Homepage » Administration » Manage Layouts

then: "Edit this layout" for each layout you use and add:

// Location of font I want, etc:

@import url(,400,400italic,700italic&subset=latin-ext);

// This import line comes from:

// Replaced "Lato" with the font I wanted to use instead:
@font-family-sans-serif:  "Roboto Condensed", "Helvetica Neue", Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif;  


This is hardly a tutorial, but hopefully will help someone else in the right direction.

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If you want to keep Lato but with Latin-Extended subset you could also simply change the following line 5 in /themes/Bootswatch_Flatly/Bootswatch/bootswatch.less


@import url("//,700,900,400italic");


@import url(//,700,900,400italic&subset=latin-ext);


edit:/ Oh, and … since Łukasz Dziedzic is one of my favorite font designers (e.g. look for "FF Good" or "FF Clan" - fantastic fonts) … to take sides with him:
The complete Lato font family not only supports all most western languages including Polish but also the whole cyrillic, greek and phonetic charsets.


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The problem is that Lato doesn't fully support Latin-Extended.  I tried first (on that google fonts page, which makes it easy to check), and  most of the extra letters Czech and Slovak use weren't included.
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Yes, strangely it seems that even the newer 2010 version still doesn't support slovak glyphs.
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I recently built a web font package with the most recent version of Lato. I haven't released it but you could try to d/l it from here and install it*:

I'm quite uncertain if it supports czech and slovak (I don't know all the glyphs).

(* Download the ZIP and unpack it into your /addons folder, goto Manage Plugins and install afterwards)

edit:/ Just tried Š, Č, Ť, Ň, Ô on the website I made the plugin for and at least these glyphs seem to work.

another edit:/ the font family names to use in CSS/LESS are
lato-latin-hair, lato-latin-thin, lato-latin-light, lato-latin, lato-latin-medium, lato-latin-semibold, lato-latin-bold, lato-latin-extrabold, lato-latin-black
but for testing they are also accessible from the CKEditor font drop-down list

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