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Hello Community,

I must say that I haven't worked with gp|Easy so far and have a simple question: Is it possible to design with gp|Easy a homepage that looks like and is how to navigate like the following screenshots? This is just a series of four screenshots which will demonstrate the navigation and layout. I look forward to any helpful answer.



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Charles S
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yes, you can design a web page to look like anything in gpEasy that you can design in any other web designer. It's just about placing the php output functions you want where you want them. The look however it totally dependent on your desires and skill level.

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Like I said, I have not worked with gp|Easy yet. So far I have mostly worked with CMSimple, but the system also comes quickly to a limit. With PHP I'm not familiar as well. But if the documentation is good with the issue of entire functions, then I am pleased with gp|Easy to know. 

I probably need the forum still one or two times quite properly get on your nerves with my beginner questions ;-)



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Please ask ;) ...

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