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Check out, my brand new site on gpEasy 1.6. I had been deliberating on gpeasy for a long time now, meanwihle designing sites on wordpress, lightneasy, pluck cms and razorcms... My experience with gpEasy has been pretty good.

It's still some way off from being WOW but I'll keep at the forums with my feature requests and feedback and hope that the get implemented. Pretty good response time, though.

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Charles S
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Great looking site. You have a broken image on the about page.

Check out gpEasy 1.7. . . it's a big step forward.

12 years ago#734

I can see all the images. There is a read more image in the extreme left column and three images in the middle column and the main content column doesn't have any image.

Using 1.7 for the next site. Trying an upoad onto the client's server to see how it reacts to their configuration but fae problems with the huge amount of ckeditor files. Just noticed during the upload and now a question


What is the difference between Ckeditor_32 and Ckeditor_332?

There are two versions of colorbox - 136 and 139. Why?

I'm asking so I can delete the unrequired folders thus reducing my upload footprint.

12 years ago#735

nice, your site

but without javascript I can't reading some text

12 years ago#743

ahh. you are missing the slideshow in the header because you might have disabled your browser javascript. is there a way around i can incorporate which would show a static image and remove the rest for users such as you?

12 years ago#746

in the last 2 images you can add Attribute display:none;

and in Javascript / jQuery set Attribute visible or this solution:

users without javascript can now reading all texts and users with javascript can show your slideshow

Edited: 12 years ago#750

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