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I am converting a wordpress site to gpeasy and need to rewrite all its older news items into gpeasy's simpleblog addon. How do I backdate the news items? I checked out the file created inside the data addon folder but can't make out head or tail of the post time format written. Even the (about) link doesn't help as it takes me to's manual page but the info given in my posts php page is unreadable as any date format. How do I achieve this? Or else how can I switch off dates altogether?

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had the same problem.

You can 'switch' of the date by just inserting a blank into the Date-Format field in blog-configuration.

For changing the date manually you have to change the time parameter in the php-file where the blogs are stored ( e.g. $posts[1]['time'] = 552009600;

The used time/date format is the unix-time-stamp, you can google for it will find a lot of online-converters for this.

worked fine for me, have fun


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Thanks. Will do so.

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Doesn't work. I'm working on 1.7a4. I delete it but it reappears after SAVE.

Can we have editable dates please?

EDIT: Ok. I just have to add a blank space in the date field and it stays blank after that.

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deleting the date-format entry does not work! You have to insert at least one 'blank'. Try it, it works with 1.7a4.


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Yup. Did that. Works. Mentioned in my EDIT above.

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