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Hallo Josh
Danke für neue Beta-Version.

In dem Bildelement und Bild + Text ist das endgültige Bild, wenn Sie den Artikel mehrfach nicht mehr sichtbar rufen, siehe Bild.

Das Problem liegt wahrscheinlich in der Pfadnamen.

< img src="/cms-ohne-db/gpEasy_4.6b1/cms-ohne-db/gpEasy_4.6b1/cms-ohne-db/gpEasy_4.6b1/cms-ohne-db/gpEasy_4.6b1/data/_resized/img_type/iPhone-6-3.1447063214.png" width="400" height="300" class="GPAREA filetype-image gpCol-6 editable_area" data-gp-section="9" id="ExtraEditArea10" data-gp-attrs='{"src":"\/cms-ohne-db\/gpEasy_4.6b1\/cms-ohne-db\/gpEasy_4.6b1\/cms-ohne-db\/gpEasy_4.6b1\/cms-ohne-db\/gpEasy_4.6b1\/data\/_resized\/img_type\/iPhone-6-3.1447063214.png","width":"400","height":"300","class":"gpCol-6"}' >



A question about this pixel:

How do you picture Zoom?
The sizes information is only for the frame but not the image.

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Josh S.
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Thanks! Just found the problem and committed the fix.

How do you picture Zoom?

Sorry, the image type doesn't currently have a zoom option.

5 years ago#8192

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