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I installed gp|Easy and was just beginning to enjoy it, after installing some plugins and creating a set of pages, when a popup message appeared and became persistent while opening pages for editing through this software:

"Error: File permissions appear to have changed and the system is no longer able to write to the following files. More inforomation... /data/_addondata/z1uv7f4/"

The problem is that there is no such directory at "/data/_addondata/z1uv7f4/", and creating it fails to clear the error message.  Is there a way to find out what is looking for the non-existent "z1uv7f4" or otherwise suppress the error message?



5 years ago#8347

Josh S.
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Did you recently uninstall any plugins? Which plugins do you currently have installed?
5 years ago#8348

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Plugins installed, none uninstalled by me:


Simple Event Calendar

Media Player Advance

Social Share Privacy

Site Counter

Mediaelement Player


Page Protect

Simple Button

Share Easy

Publication Date

Wallpaper Changer

Multi-Language Manager

Print Friendly

Simple Colorizer

Catalog Easy


Facebook comments

Easy comments

FlatAdmin2015 (installed today after error message began to appear)



5 years ago#8349

Josh S.
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Ok, that's more than just a few plugins.

Since there haven't been any uninstalled, the problem causing plugin should be in the folder: /data/_addoncode/z1uv7f4

Open the /data/_addoncode/z1uv7f4/Addon.ini file to see the plugin name. You could uninstall it to get rid of the message but If you post the name here we can probably get it fixed.

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I missed the _addoncode directory that does contain the missing "z1uv7f4" subdirectory.  It's connected to the Event Calendar software.  Thanks for the tip.

I may have fixed the problem, too.  The language for Simple Event Calendar was set to German, so I changed it to English through the Event Calendar Admin pane and the error message cleared.

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