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Is it possible to add function "Recreate thumbnails for all images"?

It will be very usefull when user change thumbnail size in settings after adding dozens of images.

Now the only way to regenerate thumbnails is reloading of all images.


4 years ago#8449

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Seems to me, this addon have such function
4 years ago#8450

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GPdebug realy can regenerate thumbnails.

But this plugin is for advanced users. it will be cool to have such function in standart gpEasy Settings tools.

Anyway thanks again.  GPdebug will save for me a lot of time.

4 years ago#8451

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Hmm, not a bad idea. This actually could be a button next to the thumbail size input field - like this:

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As it happens I've just finished redesigning a website that I'd originally done several years ago, the thumbnails looked far too small for the new look so i decided to make them all bigger (150px). It took a while to download them all again and re-upload them as there was nearly 100 images but it was worth it, although I had to fiddle with the css a bit to get them how i wanted them.

So I'm happy to see that someone has suggested a button next to the thumbnail size input field, that would be an excellent idea.

4 years ago#8457

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