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In Bootstrap Carousel Gallery automatic storage will not work if you change only autostart or speed.

Could not one with an image navigation point and arrows Hide and Show only if two or more images are available.

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Hi Felix,

the storing issue is likely due to some major changes in the saving process - plugins must be adapted to the new rules here. I, for my part, will release fixed plugins once TS 5 final is out and all changes and optimizations required are clear.
I'd guess similar will apply to other plugins as well.
The new UI is a quite radical change, but I love it. But it will require a little patience until everything will work smoothly again.

For your idea to hide slider navigation if only one image is present in the slidedhow.
Good point, I'll propose a file change.

For the time being you can replace carousel.js with this code (or simply add the green marked lines):

$(function() {
  $(".gp_twitter_carousel").each(function() {
    var a = $(this), b ="speed") || 5E3;
    a.carousel({interval:b}).swiperight(function() {
    }).swipeleft(function() {
    if ( a.find(".item").length < 2 ){
      a.find(".carousel-indicators, .carousel-control").hide();


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Wow. Wie immer ist  dein Code sehr wertvoll.

Danke vielmal.

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