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I dont know much css, but Im using the theme Bordered Three/Red. Can anyone tell my how I make the body of the page centered?

Now it´s aligned to the left.

And why is the css stylesheet all written on one line with endless horizontal scroll, weird.


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Charles S
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The style sheet is "compressed"

If you look at the style-full.css you will have the same style sheet un-compressed.

As for the Bordered Three theme. From what I seen when I load it the theme is centered but I'm using 1.7a4; however, if I remember right the theme hasn't changed. So I don't know what you mean by "body of the page centered"

If you are referring to page content being centered then that is accomplished when you edit a page in CKEditor--the HTML editor in gpEasy. Just highlight what you want centered and click the "Center Justify" button. Just like in any html editor.

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Have checked it - Bordered Three/Red runs over the full screen (only with some margin stuff).

So you have to change some css - set a width for ID "grobalwrapper and set the left / right margins to auto ;)

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Hi, and thanks for your help, I appreciate it :)

Here is the part that I think matters in my file:

body {     min-width: 850px;         /* 2 x (LC fullwidth + CC padding) + RC fullwidth */     max-width: 950px;     padding:0;     margin:0;     font-size:13px;     background: #FFF url(../.images/back-fade-top.png) repeat-x;     font-family:Arial, sans-serif; } td{vertical-align:top;} a,a:visited{color:#445577;} a:hover{color:#007e00;} a img{     border:none;     }         #globalwrapper{     height:100%;     width:950px;     padding:1em 40px;     margin-left:auto;     margin-right:auto;     }

I was trying to do like you told me but all that I have been able to accomplish is to make the site narrower... only if I could make it centered :(

By that I mean equal space of background on both sides.

Thanks again.

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