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I upload images of say 480 x 640 pixels but during the upload process some images are somehow reduced to something like 40 x 12 pixels and are therefore entirely unusable. I had the same problem with version 5.0 and hoped it would be rectified with 5.0.1. but sadly it's not so. 

I tried first to avoid the problem by loading images via ftp instead of via the file management system, but although these images upload correctly inserting them via CKEditor reduces some of them to miniscule proportions. More baffling is the fact that this problem seems to affect only some of the images, but not all. Some are uploaded, inserted and displayed correctly; others are inserted more like icons despite being of high resolution. So far I have only uploaded jpg files. I'll try png, but I cannot see where that should make any difference. 

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Josh S.
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I haven't heard of this being a problem before. I would try setting the "Maximum Image Area" setting in the Configuration to "0" to see what happens.
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Hello Josh - many thanks for taking the trouble to look at this. The first thing I did was to double the value of the maximum image size from 480.000 to 960.000. That made no difference. I then deleted the value completely, so there was in effect a vaue of 0. That also made no difference. I've also looked into the IPTC details of the files but can find nothing that would cause them to be reduced in size when in use. (I also just tried to upload one of the affected files to this message, but very sensibly your server doesn't allow the upload. ) 

I then went to the server via FTP to see if the folder/file attributes might be causing the problem but that was all OK.

We're speaking here of an example file of 848 x 254 pixels at 72 DPI and 25.27 KB. Once uploaded it's still 25.27 KB, but once inserted via CK Editor it's something like 40 x 12 pixels. 

For the moment I can't imagine what's causing the problem and am trying various workarounds. The problem is that until this is solved I cannot allow "less practised" users access to their pages because they'll just become fed up and frustrated. 

Many thanks i.a. for your thoughts.


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