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I have less a problem but more a proposal : If in want to insert an anchor which jumps to another side within Typsetter then ckeditor does not open an menu like another rather slow system does(cmsimple xh - ckeditor 4.4 link-menu I have looked at the plugins but Typesetter has them all as well. It opens no dropdown menu like smsimple_xh has it in the picture . There must be a simple reason why the inner navigation with 3 points of choice does not appear.

At the moment i must insert : (or file) or at least /dir/subdir (or filename) by hand.

I think that this /dir/ can be replaced in the system with a code of pregreplace and some system variables (i have a code for the other system) - what would mean a patch of some php - files. Perhaps somebody knows more about all this and can rell me into which file i have ro patch such a code; and has interest in this comfort .... ?

The main reason that i propose this is : If i install Typesetter in a subdirctory of a domain like www.dom1/instdir und put a domain dom2 on this subdirectory - then Typesetter has local ancors with the subdir included, and google refuses the search.

So my aim is to work with anchors like in Standard - Html


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There must be a simple reason why the inner navigation with 3 points of choice does not appear

Are you referring to the three links "Link-Info, Zielseite, Erweitert"?

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No - i refer to the opened cmsimple XH dropdown menu which has somehow been integrated with php together with the dropdown-sitetree. What i aim at is A. the comfort of coosing an element of the dropdown. B. an automatic replacement of /instdir/ by the system ( only 'subsite' instead of '/instdir/subsite' ) This can be done with pregreplace and some systemvariables . But i do not know into which file i can insert it . The mentioned cmsimple (5 times slower,only one user) has a userfile for experiments. Normal anchors in the same site function in Typesetter like in normal Html. Typesetter 4.61 is excellent - this is just a proposal (another hint : ......)
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