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I solved the problem - of course it was user error :). I changed the .htaccess file following the instructions on the wiki and now it works.


hi there!

have tried to get a template up and going... but i can't get the logo to launch on a live server. i see it fine on my local server (xampp).

if anyone has the time and energy to tell me what's going wrong, the site is

the code to call the image that i have used is:

    <?php $folder = './themes/'.$page->theme_name.'/images/'; ?>     <img class="thumbnail" src="<?php echo $folder; ?>new_logo.png" width="422" height="200" alt="Logo" id="logo" />     <?php gpOutput::Get('Extra','Header'); ?>

i've checked - the .png exists... any help would be welcome :)

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Charles S
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remove index.php from url

OR remove trailing slash

and it looks fine, I think. . . but then again I don't know where all the images are supposed to be.

The URL shouldn't have a / at the end. Nonetheless, if you want to have a slash at the end of the URL without breaking images make sure the relative path to all images has NO periods at the beginning.

Example: ../data/_uploaded/   = /data/_uploaded/

You have ./themes/

Try /themes/

However you are using php to call the image so I'm not sure about the paths. I know to include a php file you need ./

But I think you are just outputting a relative path to the image so you don't need the period at the beginning.

I do know that relative paths for images that have ../data/_uploaded/ 

Will break when a trailing slash is added to the URL but /data/_uploaded/   will not break. 

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