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I have a website still on version 4.5, I want to update it to the latest version so i'm trying to do it incrementally starting with an upgrade to 4.6 (manually). I replaced the include folder and themes but i get this error (i've tried upgrading to 4.6.1 but still get same problem).

Oops, an error occurred while generating this page.

Error Details

   [type] => (integer)4
   [message] => (string)syntax error, unexpected T_STRING
   [file] => (string)/home/.../
   [line] => (integer)662

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5 years ago#9299

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I've been able to login with /Admin?file=Home and i can access the admin but i still get the same error when i click to go to one of the pages.
5 years ago#9300

Josh S.
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I'm guessing that your server doesn't have php 5.3+

5 years ago#9303

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Thanks Josh, I will check that out.
5 years ago#9306

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Just to confirm you were right it was on a lower php version, I've changed it now and all's well!


Thanks again.

5 years ago#9307

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