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1. How do I include only the news addon in a template? Do I need to use

            <?php gpOutput::GetAllGadgets(); ?>

or is there some other code needed?


2. Also, if I want to use the news sidebar gadget directly inside a page content what code do I use? 

3. I want to change the name from 'Special_Blog' to 'News'. Which file do I edit for this?

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Charles S
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Sorry, but can you tell me about this news addon you speak of? I don't see a plugin by that name.

The getallgadgets output function is all you need for all plugins. In gpEasy 1.7 you don't really even need that.

Nonetheless, I'm lost as to this news sidebar you are talking about.

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I'm using the simple blog addon as news. sorry for the confusion. This is why I need to change the name from Special_Blog to News so in the urls it shows as News and not Special_Blog.

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Charles S
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1. you can't change the URL of a Special page.

2. It sounds like you want a script that calls the last blog and inserts it somewhere? There is nothing like that that I've seen specifically for gpEasy. You would have to write the php for that yourself, I believe. 'File inclusion' doesn't work for blog pages.

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