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I'm using gpeasy 1.7a4. Once I have selected and made a theme default I can't use the File Manager>Page>Options to change a page to a different theme. There is no such option visible. In the previous version used by me 1.6.3 it was there.

How do I use multiple themes in the same site?

Edit: A little counterintuitive but I managed it. Turns out I have to select the other theme and select the use in a new layout for it to be available for selection for any page. Maybe another option can be added next to "use in a new layout" which asks the user to "use in a current page" as well and then maybe a list of all the pages with checkboxes to be able to select multiple pages at once for the layout change.

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Yes, 1.7 is very different in how it handles themes.

I've finally gotten some gpEasy Tutorials up based on 1.7a4 or higher. . . will get more going soon, and will get the gpEasy Doc Wiki updated right after the beta is released. 

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