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in OnePageToolkit (1.0b1) when selecting in the gadget-settings "none" for "show arrows" the first/last arrows still appear. Is that the way it is meant to be?

Thanks CS

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Is that the way it is meant to be?

No, it isn't - here is the fix:

In Admin_OnePageToolkit.php from line 685, just add the grren marked lines:

    if( $gc['show_arrows'] == 'none' ){
    $css .= '
ul.OPTK-scrollIndicators li.OPTK-scrollFirst,
ul.OPTK-scrollIndicators li.OPTK-scrollFirst + br,
ul.OPTK-scrollIndicators li.OPTK-scrollLast,
ul.OPTK-scrollIndicators li.OPTK-scrollLast + br,
ul.OPTK-scrollIndicators li.OPTK-scrollPrev,
ul.OPTK-scrollIndicators li.OPTK-scrollPrev + br,
ul.OPTK-scrollIndicators li.OPTK-scrollNext,
ul.OPTK-scrollIndicators li.OPTK-scrollNext + br {

Save and afterwards go to the Admin page and save the options again (which will rewrite the Gadget's CSS).

Thanks for the heads up!


edit: I just changed it on my addons page (but didn't make a new version).
So you could re-download 1.0b1 and overwrite Admin_OnePageToolkit.php in you current installation.

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Hi Jürgen,

works great, thanks for the fix!

4 years ago#9561

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