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Thank you  for to create this script.
I would like to save the admin scf file an copy to another project.
I found not this file on my ftp. Have anyone a idea?

The configuration, building a form is not so simple. I look for a documentation, better a smal help in to the displayfile.

I can work with this script, click all buttons on to save the admin scf. I have not understand the right way admin scf  creating.







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creisi productions

As far as I can see, there are 3 files in the directory data/_addondata/xxx (xxx stands for the directory name created by typesetter/plugin) which are relevant:

  • config.php
    items array of the form
  • contact_form.php
    php for form
  • template.php
    html code of the form

I am not sure, but I think, it should work to copy those three files.

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