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Hello, I hope this post will be useful for other noobs like me,  who decided to use Debian 8 + Nginx + Typesetter CMS.

I followed general instructions for Debian 7 published on Digital Ocean website, they are pretty clear, just don't forget to switch between simple user and root when you change permissions and access rights to the files:

Everything was pretty easy, but I've got blank page at the end. No errors, no warnings, just blank page. I made standard check with "php info" - it was not shown, so this was the key - something was wrong in php/nginx settings.
Solution is to modify one parameter in location section of your website config , e.g.  /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/your_config_file_name :


include fastcgi_params;


include fastcgi.conf;

then restart nginx, and you will get installation page of Typesetter

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