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When the form sends, it leaves out info from the email and name fields, only sending the subject and message fields.

I looked at the code in the page (special_contact.php) and found an error, fixed it but it still will not send the field data!

echo '<input class="input text" class="text" name="name" value="'.htmlspecialchars($_POST['name']).'" '.$attr.'/>';

I changed it to:

echo '<input class="input text" type="text" name="name" value="'.htmlspecialchars($_POST['name']).'" '.$attr.'/>';

What else could be wrong with this form?

Does the form on this site work properly?

If I cant get a decent form working, I'll have to dump the whole package for something else.

10 years ago#862

Okay, dumped the contact form that comes with this package, and opted for a better php contact form.

Props to the gang over at Dynamic Drive

10 years ago#864

Charles S
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This question has been asked & answered several times on this forum. The contact form has all the information from the user depending on the fields you set in configurations. You may not see the information depending on your email client. . . in gmail you have to click "show details" nonetheless, when you click reply it has the visitors email address if you required it.

10 years ago#868

If this site had a search feature, I might have been able to discover that. I dug through the forum 3 pages in, that was enough for me.

10 years ago#872

Charles S
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Yes, a good search utility on this forum would be nice!

Google does a decent job when you are looking for older discussions.

10 years ago#873

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